Technical Strength

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Core Technology

Based on the thorough understanding of the core value and technology of off-road wide-body dump truck and the systematic innovation, Tonly Heavy Industries has gained technological property rights on off-road wide-body dump trucks.

With study in the terramechanics physical model of off-road vehicles, Tonly Heavy Industries has built the model of road adhesive force and travel resistance, the physical model of brake system, and the kinematics and dynamic model of steering system, and has mastered the core technology of off-road dump trucks.


Innovative Organization


With years of development, Tonly has built a professional R&D team consisting of 84 staff, including 50 R&D staff, 20 quality engineers, and 14 other technicians.


Patents & Achievements

December 8, 2009 – Tonly Heavy Industries was awarded the title “Hi-tech Enterprise”.
October 2011 – awarded the title “National Torch Program Hi-tech Enterprise”.
September 2012 – Tonly Heavy Industries built the “Engineering Transport Machinery Technology Center”, which was the first in China.

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