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Tonly Dump Trucks Highlight Tibetan Plateau
Date: 2013-06-07 Font Size

    Blue sky, towering snow-capped mountains, vast grasslands, and beautiful Tibetan plateau. One user of Tonly heavy industry writes the myth of the efficient operation with Tonly Dump Truck in this open-air mining of the alpine and cold region.   
    The dump truck Tonly designed, combined with alpine, cold region, hypoxia environment working conditions, customized-made for user has a good reliability in Tibet. 10 years ago Tonly dump truck just entered the Tibet region, draw a skeptical eye, many industry insiders believed Tonly would definitely fail and lose. However, in actual operation process, 21 Tonly dump trucks in total in Tibet running condition are good. After Technicians in Tonly R&D department tracked the investigation and communicated with users, they concluded that various technical parameters meet alpine and cold region working condition requirements. Users said: compare with other brands dump truck, Tonly dump truck’ advantages are low failure rate, higher vehicle attendance, low fuel consumption, and higher operational efficiency.   
    Tonly dump trucks highlight and shine in Tibetan Plateau, show that Tonly products’ advantage is customized-made for user according to different working conditions, as a pioneer and leader of off-road dump truck, Tonly dump truck’ efficient operation in Tibetan plateau will be another bright spot following Qinghai market.