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Standardized Operation and Drive to Enhance User Value
Date: 2013-05-10 Font Size
As a pioneer and leader of off-road dump truck industry, Tonly heavy industries(Hereinafter as Tonly) has always been oriented with customer satisfaction and value-added service, and enhance users�value from product quality, value-added services, technological innovation and other aspects.

According to off-road vehicle market ownership and vehicle service condition, Tonly find that the drives who can drive wide-body vehicle professionally and skillfully is far from reaching market demand at present. In particular, on the mining area, many of existing drivers do not have the skills of driving wide-body vehicle, although other Drivers have the operating experience, because of a lack of professional operation knowledge, which lead to a series of vehicle failure problems, affects the users� normal operation.

In consideration of such cases, Tonly relies on its advantage, carries out operation and driving standard and professional training for the vehicle user, Also tonly set up special training center , and build the most excellent and qualified teachers team and management team, to train the users wide-body driving operation and maintenance awareness, and also work out some flexible, applicable, and special training programs for different people and group.

So, Tonly�industry advantage not just only lies in its leading product quality, but what the most crucial part is its products with value-added to make user really get a good return.