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Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry Minister Jiang Visits Tonly
Date: 2011-09-13 Font Size

The afternoon of September 1st, Shaanxi Province Department of Industry
and Information Technology 's secretary, director Jiang Yue and his party
 came to Shaanxi Tonly Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Tonly) to
 make the inspection guidance. Tonly Heavy Industries Ltd., General Manager
Xu Yanan, vice president Mu Junfa,  Director of Operations  Lu Ang, accompanied
Jiang and his party to visit the company's production base. And they gave the the 
introduction of the company's profile and its future direction.
MinisterJiang had the talk on issues of concerning to business development

with GM Xu and gave the highly praise to the development of our company.

When mentioned to the"off road mining vehicles manufacturing industry innovation" concept ,
Minister Jiang gave a positive affirmation to Tonly and highly praised
the achievements with just a few years time made by Tonly. He showed
 his gratitude with Tonly for the service has made important contributions
 to the local economy. He hopes that Tonly can be further developed to
build sustainable enterprises and upgrade the equipment manufacturing
industry in Shaanxi Province, the provincial Department of Industry will give
Tonly strong support.