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Tonly Way to Highlight the Power of Innovation
Date: 2011-08-23 Font Size
Tonly way to highlight the power of innovation
2011 Tonly has entered the second phase of business development. Tonly as the industry leader in integrated resources, integration of innovation, take a new attitude once again leading the industry.
Master the core technology Let the product speak 
On the day from the start, Tonly is aware of a rules that to master the-road mining truck's core technology, attentive, professional, focused on off-road transportation equipment industry so that we can occupy the commanding heights of industry technology. Some manufacturers of off-road mining vehicles do not understand clearly, they blindly imitate the product. Although the shape is similar, the quality is quite different. To fight the market price, inducing enterprises to adopt this policy has some confusing, it is seemingly allowing users to get the benefits, but in fact a Chinese old saying "no good cheap goods, better goods are not cheap." Results were affected by the loss of the customer, development of the industry are also affected.
Tonly as a responsible leader in off-road vehicles industry, the company has always maintained that the core technology of the industry is of great significance to the users is also significant to the industry. So every year the company provide a lot of money for R & D to improve product performance, keep the product value and user’s return to maintain a reasonable level. All Tonly’s customers have a deep feeling during using our products. As summarized in the user's "Tonly products, the more you use it , the more you like it." By bringing together products, Tonly walking along the way , not only the business has achieved rapid development, but also make a large number of users friends, these are a valuable asset with Tonly.
Insist on winning product technology, allowing users to use a good car and make money, Tonly paid a lot in the process. Tonly consultative sales model may seem cumbersome, short-term interests of enterprises ,but in the long run, the user, the enterprise, and even industries are of great significance.
Widen construction machinery   to do the real mine vehicle
Currently, Tonly has become the most specialized production and sale of off-road vehicle manufacturing base. Company focused on off-road vehicles manufacture. With the market demand-oriented spirit of the industry, we make products more competitive, make the product more suitable for the market, and also widen the construction machinery market.
As the leaders of industry-standard drafting , the company's founders and staff mostly from the construction machinery business. Their thinking, their ideas are printed on deep imprint of construction machinery. Off-road vehicle cannot be measured by the appearance of the product. Construction machinery products as an investment products, the key of the intrinsic value of the product is whether they can improve the efficiency . Tonly product on the site can reach for more than 80% attendance, this is a very convincing technical indicators. This does not mean changing the cab, cargo box can be resolved, the system of innovation is more important
Tonly now has more than 30 patents, carry out research on many aspects of a special study on power loading modeling and testing . Especially in the basic components ,we form a research institute based industry, academia and research cooperation way.
Product that is character and values ​deciding the product concept
Tonly vehicles has been able to lead the industry, not just depends on its sales, market share rate ,but also winning by its prominent quality. Making products such as life, every employee in Tonly strive to meet the needs of users , taking it as both interests of users and self-interest. Such feeling has been integrated into Tonly products.
Tonly has hundreds of products, including 40 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 70 tons, 80 tons more than a dozen product lines, but each product has its own vivid life. The market share of Tonly reached 4,000 units, the early products have been used on the site for six years, due to its superior performance, users will not easily transfer the product of Tonly to others.
User's happiness is my pleasure, I am comfortable while user comfort, user feel happy I am happy", that is the values ​​towards user of Tonly, every detail of the product have become a witness to this behavior. Tonly pursue the "Moral way",  the maximum requirement is "virtue", with this Tonly appear its humility corporate strength.
Tonly win in the process, win the product, win the future!