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Believe in Made-in-China- the Speech delivered by Marketing Director Ding Gurong on “Technical Forum on Exploitation of Concrete Mines and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources” Held in Haikou
Date: 2010-12-28 Font Size

On Dec. 8, 2010, on the meeting of “Technical Forum on Exploitation of Concrete Mines and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources” Held in Haikou, Mr. Ding Gurong, Marketing Director of Shaanxi Tonly Heavy Industries Company, delivered a speech “Believe in Made-in-China” which was highly received among experts of the industry.

At present, at the outdoors construction sites at home and abroad, there exists a product having changed the application concept of traditional off-road transportation equipments, brought revolutionary transformation to management mode of enterprises, and boosted the profitability of equipment purchasers with fast speed. It is Tonly Heavy Industries who created this product. Output and sales volume of Tonly have continued to hold the champion in off-road vehicles of China for seven successive years. The seven years not only witnessed the miracle of the industry created by Tonly, but also created a new era for profitability of equipments, revealing the powerful strength of Made-in-China.

As a leader in off-road industry, Tonly regards its vision as being the “Advanced engineering transportation plan and equipment supplier in China”. Guided by users’ benefits and by comprehensive and systematic research, it has been an outstanding representative of Made-in-China in R&D and manufacturing field of off-road vehicles until now.

Be not superstitious in foreign products and believe in Made-in-China, differentially and selectively apply for foreign products, which is more than the responsibilities for enterprises and the industry, but also the trust and support to our national brands.

Believe in Made-in-China! We must be the winner!