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Snow Lotus Herb on the Plateau – First Batch of Tonly Off-road Vehicles Stationed in Tibet
Date: 2010-12-21 Font Size

Recently, five sets of TL855 off-road vehicles have started their construction progress in Tibet Huatailong Mining Development Co., Ltd, which has achieved the zero breakthrough application of off-road mining vehicles on the Tibetan Plateau.
Tibet Huatailong Mining Development Co., Ltd is located in Jiama Town, Medro Gongkar County, Tibet Autonomous Region, about 100km from Lhasa, which is one of the mines with higher capacity in Tibet. Ten sets of Tonly off-road vehicles in total have been purchased by Huatailong Mining this time and first five sets have entered and been stationed in the construction site. The purchase is decided by mining party after screening multiple off-road vehicles manufacturers throughout the country. Upon entering the site, Tonly vehicle has demonstrated its comprehensive strengths in oil saving, security, strong horse power, high efficiency, etc. under the high-altitude working condition.  
The beautiful Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is always a yearning homestead for explorers, with majestic snow mountains, interlaced rivers, vast grasslands, widespread lakes and Gobi Dessert for sure. The successful application of Tonly off-road vehicles on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has shown its high quality, and demonstrated the leading capability of Tonly in the off-road vehicles industry. 
We wish Tonly off-road vehicles are as gorgeous as snow lotus herb on the plateau! And the construction party will achieve much higher economic benefits with the application of Tonly off-road vehicles.