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Specialization Accomplishing Leading Enterprise in the Industry
Date: 2010-12-21 Font Size

From Huolinhe Coal Mine in Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia to Wujiata Coal Mine of Shenhua Group in Ordos, from Zipingpu Hydropower Station of Sichuan province to Nuozhadu Hydropower Station, from Qieliekeqi Iron Ore of Xinjiang province 4,800m above the sea level to the boundless Gobi in Mongolia, then to river dam construction site for water and electricity by the armed police… Just within a few years, a new brand named “Tonly Heavy Industries” born in engineering machinery industry. The high profit wonder created by its off-road vehicles has engraved a deep impression on the vast engineering and mine transportation customers. At present, the annual sales volume of off-road vehicles in China is about 2,000 sets, and the market share of Tonly had reached 60% in 2008, moreover, the sales volume in the first quarter of 2009 had reached that in the whole year of 2007. What happened to Tonly Heavy Industries that it could rank high in off-road vehicles industry and grow up to be the leading enterprise in such short time?

 Integrating Resources and Setting the Entry Point from High End

 In 2003, an off-road vehicle project established quietly in China’s machinery industry.
 Some technical and management experts in engineering machinery industry and heavy-duty vehicle industry held the entrepreneurial flag utilizing their enormous resource advantages in engineering machinery field and depending on their recognition to the market and survey on the industrial development prospect. From the early starting to the successful operation, Tonly has been persisting in the product concept of making the most economical, applicable and valuable products. Through integrating resources of different industries, it realized technology innovation and brand construction. At last, Tonly, a proprietary brand starting from a higher level, grew up to be a high-end brand with higher reputation in the industry rapidly within just a few years. Its products stretch and extent continuously, and the coming new design, manufacture, service, brand construction concept of off-road vehicles are influencing the industrial development consistently.

Strength originating from specialization

Owning to its in-depth recognition to the market and high sense of responsibility for the construction of national brand, Tonly has developed a new style and proposed the product concept of “Make the most economical and suitable off-road vehicles in China” early since its establishment. Insisting on the work style of “Concentration and execution”, it takes the lead in formulating the design concept and criteria of off-road vehicles in China, and has grown to be an enterprise specialized in off-road vehicles. Meanwhile, the company has gathered together a batch of rich experienced design experts in engineering machinery and off-road vehicles, exchanged and cooperated actively with research and academic institutions, absorbed multiple technical achievements of engineering machinery industry and mining vehicle equipments industry, and finally developed series off-road vehicles with exclusively independent intellectual property.
In 2004, with technical appraisement of relevant national departments such as National Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Construction Machinery, etc., Tonly TL840 series off-road vehicles launched in the market in batch. Experiencing strict market inspection and establishing oriented R&D and purchase mode with professional domestic parts and accessories manufacturers, Tonly has gone into in-depth research on axle, frame, engine, cargo container and other parts to ensure the specialization in product R&D and manufacture and products’ adaptability to working conditions, thus built a core production system in the whole course ranging from raw material R&D to production.

Keep economic accounts and buy safe vehicle

Based on the advanced technology of mining vehicles and engineering machinery in Europe and America as well as China, according to the special technology requirements of off-road vehicles working environment, Tonly series off-road vehicles are economical and suitable vehicles apply to multiple specific purposes designed by building models for running system, driven system and control system of the vehicle and adopting simulating kinematic analysis, force analysis. Similarly, on the basis of the design concept of “Make the most economical and suitable off-road vehicles in China”, Tonly takes the convenient vehicle maintenance and repair into full consideration early in the design so that its series vehicle engine, transmission, braking system, steering system and electrical system are highly universalized with road vehicles and engineering machinery; what’s more, main wearing parts can be bought in the general vehicle parts market with popular maintenance technology and low cost. Therefore, the series products provided by Tonly are characterized by high security, good stability, outstanding adaptability, full of power, strong braking performance and load capacity, low operating costs, convenient maintenance, low procurement cost, etc., and applicable to all kinds of earthwork, rocks and earthwork stripping in opencast mines and mineral transporting engineering.

Overall Solutions Leading the Trend

Since more than 60% of current project investment has been used for equipment procurement, the amount of capital input in specialized material transferring project such as the construction in opencast mine will be much more, as a result, the specialized engineering method research on the equipment at the earlier stage seems particularly important. Based on the specialized engineering method research on the engineering construction over the years, Tonly takes the lead in providing overall solutions for users on the basis of targeted the engineering method research.
Whether the transporting equipment can reach a higher operation level is affected by many factors which are mainly the type selection of equipment, construction technology and management mode. Without accurate survey and research on the working condition of equipment construction, it’s impossible to put forward targeted technology requirements for equipment, then the equipment cannot be put into normal operation or the usage cost remains high, which will eventually affect the income level. Meanwhile, the selection of transporting equipment is closely related to other corollary equipment, thus it suffers from a lot of constraints, including the balance of transport capacity, loading capacity and production capacity, which exert fundamental impacts on whether the equipment can ensure a good operation. On the other hand, the management mode also plays an important role. How to enable the equipment bring the normal operation level? How to improve the operation efficiency of the equipment? The systematic management capability is a significant guarantee to solve these problems, such as reasonable equipment maintenance and repair period, replacement of equipment wear, safety in production, responsibility system for assessment, etc. Therefore, Tonly does not sell its products to any customer randomly, on the contrary, we conduct on-the-spot investigation on the construction site through communication with customers, design engineering methods in line with actual situations of customers, and then conduct a comprehensive design improvement and allocation of products. It’s exactly depending on this intimate overall solution that Tonly products have been widely applied to the construction sites of various mines and exported to Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries and regions.
Tonly, the “Newcomer” stepping into the machinery industry just for six years with its off-road vehicle technology invented relying on its innovative concept, has created the industry of off-road mining vehicle and expanded it into a larger one, which has a revolutionary impact on improving the construction technology of opencast mining industry. Tonly has also experienced the journey that takes other enterprises a few years and even decades to go, and becomes the leader in off-road mining vehicle industry in China.