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Tonly Trucks Welcomed & Sold Out in Middle East Market
Date: 2014-04-30 Font Size

         In the beginning of 2014, there is good news from Tonly overseas sales department,which is Tonly sample trucks have sold out through the trial test in Middle East market. For advanced design concept, high quality products and perfect after-sales service, Tonly off-road trucks have won the praise and trust from foreign customers. At last, the foreign customer and Tonly signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement.

         The construction site of this country is in bad road condition with many slopes and bends. To find suitable mining truck, the customer visit many manufacturers for two years. After researching Tonly trucks and communicating other customers,they choose the Tonly brand truck. To meet customer’s demands, Tonly technical engineers continuously improved the quality and performance of trucks by studying and analyzing the foreign mining site. After arriving in mining site,  the sample trucks have entered into trial for three months. During the trial period, Tonly trucks always keep 95% attendance rate and zero-trouble rate. The customers are shocked and satisfied with Tonly trucks’ good performance, even if compared to VOLVO and KOMAT’SU. Before the end of trial period, all sample trucks were ordered and purchased by the foreign customers.