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Tonly Ten Anniversary Celebration and Beyond Ten Thousand Units Sales Volume Celebration
Date: 2014-05-27 Font Size

         On May 18, 2014, Tonly Ten Anniversary Celebration and Beyond Ten Thousand Units Sales Volume Celebration are holding in Tonly Xianyang production base. Ten years ago, Shaanxi Tonly Heavy Industries Co.,ltd (hereinafter as Tonly) found and created a new off-road truck industry. The whole activity shows that the industry’s development and Tonly’s history, and draws the blueprint for next ten years.


Dare to be first and Responsibility-orinented

         In the morning, at 9:30, May18, 2014, the foreign and domestic customers and guest from industry association and machinery branch, and Tonly’s suppliers and agents and service provider, and Tonly’s staff representatives attend the celebration. The meeting theme is including “Ten Year’s Achievement, High-technology Lead, Professional and Devotion, Tonly King Style, Core Value, Sincere Service, Leap Development, Outstanding Quality, Win-win Cooperation, and Responsibility-oriented.”


        At 10:00, in the beginning of ceremony, as a representative of CCMA, Mr. Qijun makes a speech and offers his congratulation to the whole celebration, and he hope that Tonly can continue to insist the “Customer First” principle and product innovation and sustainable development to make greater contribution to the whole off-road transportation machinery industry. Then the General Manager Xu Yanan read an address of welcome on behalf of the Tonly Heavy Industries, and expresses the most sincere thanks and warmest welcome to the guests.


       When Tonly documentary “Take a Higher Flight” is playing, all guests are moved by Tonly’s pioneering spirit and its ten years’ achievements. Then the president of Tonly Mr.Ye Lei awards the certificates of honor to the first customer, the 5000th unit truck customer and 10000th unit truck customer. Total 12 customers are awarded “Gold Medal User” by Tonly original shareholder Mr. Nie Xinyong and Professor and Doctoral Tutor of Chang’an University Jiao Shengjie. In the celebration site, Shaanxi Redbl Investment Co.,ltd and Tonly Heavy industries Co.,ltd sign on the contract on purchasing 50 units Tonly off-road trucks. President Lin Yuan says that he finally chooses and trusts in Tonly off-road trucks after comparing with many other brands, and hopes to establish a long-term strategic cooperative partnership in the future.


Look ahead  Leap forward

        From 2004 to 2014, Tonly always insist the “Customer First” value core and “Professional brings future success” principle. With high quality products and excellent after-sales service, Tonly brand trucks have been recognized and welcomed by customers at home and abroad. And it gains the sales volume champion for ten years. In 2014, by ten years’ development, Tonly has more responsibilities for industry development and customer’s benefit.


         With the Beyond Ten Thousand Units Sales Volume Celebration opening, the whole activity is coming into bloom. All people expect that Tonly will gain more progress and development in the next ten years.