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Tonly Heavy Industries -makes the desert become the oasis
Date: 2016-04-25 Font Size

Tonly Heavy Industries- hope of making the desertbecome the oasis

The  first batch of Tonly off-road wide-body dump trucks arrived Thar coal mine site in Pakistan on 20th March 2016 .The trucks are customer made by Tonly for desert working conditions, which symbolsTonly become the first producer in the industry to develop off-road wide-body dump truck adapt for desert working conditions .This is also a good beginning for cooperative project of China and Pakistan Thar coal mine.

The first batch of Tonly wide-body mine dump truck arrived Thar coal mine site in Pakistan.

2 units of Tonly wide-body mine dump truck had been in trail operation in Thar desert since Nov ,2014. They have withstood the harsh test of desert high temperature (extreme temperatureabove  50 °) and sand storm (from March to Oct) since trail operation .Tonly wide-body mine dump truck has been successfully became the transport equipment supplier of Thar coal mine topsoil stripping project by its excellent performance and many parties’ review.

Trial Operation &Technical Improvement

Tonly Heavy Industries- power of making the desert become the oasis

It cost Tonly one year and half to do technical improvement aims for the special working conditions in this desert from the 2 trail trucks to batch supply.The technical improvements include cooling , intake and exhaust, fuel supply,steering , braking ,air conditioner etc ,which reflects Tonly professional and dedicated, lean manufacturing ,the level of intelligence .

As China leading supplier of engineering transport solutions and equipment, Tonly produced the first “off-road wide-body dump truck” in the industry .It is China off-road industry standard maker with more than 120 patents .Tonly not only owns the competitive advantage of technology ,but also has complete after-sales service system. Tonly takes custom-made service for Thar coal mine and makes full solution including repair, parts supply, training, technical support etc.This will guarantee the truck attendance rate .

Pakistan customers visited & had technologyexchanges in Tonly factory

The Theory & Practice training

Tonly Heavy Industries-We are changing the desert 

Firstly Tonly is the equipment supplier of Thar coal mine while now Tonly has integratinginto Thar coal mine family .Tonly has explained the China-Pakistan friendship by real action, and changed thedesert by every action.

Witness of the friendship