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Tonly Trucks Working Overseas
Date: 2016-11-14 Font Size

Tonly factory has been devoted to developing overseas market for many years among the off-road dump truck industry. Tonly has made great breakthrough in Southeast Asia market recently by its hard-work and the strategic advantage of “One Belt One Road”. Its export volume in some regions has been more than hundreds.Southeast Asia’s climate is high temperature and wet, and most regions are hilliness and mountainous. So the working conditions requirements are very complex, such as desert, jade mine,quarry and land reclamation. For satisfy the various demands of the customers, Tonly invests a lot in technology updating and prototype designing. With ten years of experience, professional and dedicated, Tonly got the batches of orders and long cooperation with customer.

Tonly TL843 dump truck,with high cost performance,is the very first product to establish Tonly as the leader of the industry. There have been hundreds of TL843 trucks operated in Malaysia construction site.

Tonly TL855 dump truck ,with the largest market share ,has obtained “Best Market Performance Award”by National engineering machinery industry association .Below is Tonly TL855 working in Myanmar construction site .

Tonly TL875 dump truck, with the highest transport efficiency for large open-pit mine, is the first developed large-tonnage off-road dump truck among the industry. There have been hundreds of TL875 dump trucks working in Pakistan desert site.

 Tonly has begun to layout Africa, Middle-Asia and South-America market. By profound technology accumulation, professional and dedicated, there will be more and more Tonly trucks enter into overseas market. Tonly trucks shall run farther and farther.