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Tonly TLH90A Pure Electric Vehicle delivered to customer
Date: 2020-04-10 Font Size

Recently, a batch of green new energy pure electric dump trucks has been delivered to domestic customer’s mining. This model inherits the excellent chassis of TL875 model, adopts mature three electric system (battery, motor and control system), builds a pure electric dump truck suitable for mining area, feeds back the braking energy of downhill and converts it into battery for storage, realizes braking, energy saving and emission reduction; it is easy to control, low noise, zero emission and low operation cost;
The main open-pit mines suitable for this model are: sand and stone aggregate mines, metal mines, water conservancy projects and other mines , and the recommended working conditions are: heavy load downhill and flat slope conditions, which need to give full play to the advantages of downhill energy recovery to ensure the maximize benefits of customers.
It’s scope of use site: 0% - 15% for ramp, 300m-5km for haul distance.