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Date: 2020-04-18 Font Size

On April 9, 2020, 30 units of Tonly TL875D were delivered to customers at Yulong mine, Changdu, Tibet, 5100 meters above sea level. The copper and metal reserves of Yulong mine rank second in China, The mining age is 37 years, and the daily ore processing capacity is 60000 tons. both scale and economic value of the deposit is huge. However, the high altitude area with thin air will cause the continuous loss of engine power during vehicles operating, resulting in the lack of power performance.

At the same time, it will test the low temperature resistance of vehicles. Therefore, for cold start of vehicles, as well as improving the low temperature resistance of seals, cab sealing and other technical improvements have been made on Tonly off-road truck, This time Tonly TL875D perfectly solves the equipment requirements of cold climate in high altitude areas.

After the delivery ceremony, a driver training activity was held immediately. Through professional training, the basic requirements for drivers to work in the plateau environment were strengthened, the good habits of drivers protect and operate safely were cultivated, the attendance rate of vehicles was guaranteed, the service life was extended, and the use value of products was improved.