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Product Features

The fourth generation off-road wide-body dump truck (Tonly D series products) is the new product that is deeply researched, developed and manufactured leanly by Tonly according to the industrial standards in the spirit of sticking to centering on realizing the value for the clients on the basis of the research on the new market structure, new client demand and mine construction technology. Such product has the new breakthrough in the aspects of automation, informatization and full life circle quality, making the technical standards of the product rise to a new level.

1. The Tonly D series products apply to the vehicle information management system with the high informatization management integration level;

2. It can change the speed automatically with the automatic control – more comfortable;

3. The continuous power flexible transmission is achieved and the transportation efficiency is improved by more than 20%, thus the transportation is more efficient;

4. The active safety and passive safety are improved comprehensively, thus the product is safer;

5. The reliability within the full life circle is upgraded, thus the service life is longer.

Technical Parameters
GearboxFC6A210 automatic gearbox equipped with the hydrodynamic retarderFC6A250 automatic gearbox equipped with the hydrodynamic retarder
Front Axle13T20T
Medium-rear Axle50T70T
Lifting SystemSingle Cylinder Front LiftingSingle Cylinder Front Lifting
Volume of Packing Box (m³)25 (Level Loading) / 29 (Stacking Loading)30 (Level Loading) / 35 (Stacking Loading)
Drive Mode6×46×4
Curb Mass (t)2530
Allowable Maximum Loading Mass (t)4060
Maximum Total Mass (t)6390
Overall Dimension (mm)8850×3220×37609156×3470×3978
Maximum Speed (km/h)4242
Maximum Gradeability (%)3232
Minimum Turning Radius (m)10.511
Minimum Ground Clearance355385
Maximum Lifting Angle (°)5353
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