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Product Features

1. It inherits all the excellent performances of the mature chassis of the TL series off-road wide-body dump truck and is more applicable for the watering and dust fall of the mine road;

2. Aiming at the special requirements for the watering truck of the off-road working conditions, it has the relatively large breakthrough in the indexes such as the single truck water storing capacity, watering width, unit area watering density, continuous watering mileage, etc.

Product functions:

Fire control function: It has the high-pressure water gun with the effective head as 25m and can serve as the temporary firefighting truck;

Greening function: with the mixing function, it can spray the trees and greenbelts.

Water Suction & pumping function: It can suck up the water in the pool to the water tank and pump the water in the water tank to the higher place.

Technical Parameters
Equipment ParamentersEngineWEICHAI 380 HorsePowerWEICHAI 430 HorsePowerWEICHAI 430 HorsePower
GearboxFast 7DS180Fast 7DS180Fast 7DS180
Front Axle (t)132020
Drive Axle (t)25+2535+3535+35
Drive Mode6×46×46×4
Water Tank Capacity (m³)404048~50
Kerb Mass (t)192121
Total Mass (t)596171
Overall Dimension (mm)10420×3160×386010835×3340×396511295×3340×3965
Max.Speed (km/h)434141
Min.Turning Radius (m)11.712.612.6
Max.Gradeability (%)≥35≥32≥32
Sprinkling Operation ParamentersSprinkling Operation Speed (km/h)81010
Sprinkling Operation Mileage(km)≮5km≮5km≮6.5km
Spray water width (m)10~1810~1810~18
Water Cannon Spray Range (m)>25>25
Water Pump Flux (m³/h)606060

Equipment ParamentersEngineWEICHAI 380 HorsePowerSprinkling and Spray Fog Equipment Paramentersfog Particle Size (μm)≥20
GearboxFast 7DS180Spray Fog Flux (L/min)66~200
Front Axle (t)20Usd In Ambient Temperatures (℃)-30~+50
Drive Axle (t)35+35Chasiss ParamentersModelTLS401
Tyre14.00-25Alxe (t)13+13+13
Drive Mode6×4Tyre10.00-20
Water Tank Capacity (m3)35Overall Dimension (mm)9000×3000×4000
Kerb Mass (t)21Water Tank Capacity (m3)30
Total Mass (t)61Kerb Mass (t)8
Overall Dimension (mm)11295×3340×4100Total Mass (t)38
Max.Speed (km/h)42Spray Fog Equipment ParamentersFog Gun Power50
Min.Turning Radius (m)12.6Fog Gun Max. Range100
Max.Gradeability (%)32Fog Gun Horizontal Rotation Angle±160°
Sprinkling and Spray Fog Equipment ParamentersSprinkling Operation Speed (km/h)8Fog Gun Elevation Angle-10°~45°
Spray water width (m)10~18fog Particle Size (μm)≥20
Water Cannon Spray Range (m)>25Spray Fog Flux (L/min)66~200
Water Pump Flux (m³/h)60Usd In Ambient Temperatures (℃)-30~+50
Fog Gun Power50Control Systemmanual/Fully automatic
Fog Gun Max. Range100Remote Control Distance (m)≤100
Fog Gun Horizontal Rotation Angle±160°Spray Fog Time Of Duration(h)4
Fog Gun Elevation Angle-10°~45°
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