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Product Features

1. Good trafficability: With the cab, suspension frame, vehicle frame, cargo compartment, lifting mechanism, etc. designed specially, the TLK underground tunnel dump truck has the compact structure and small turning radius and is extremely flexible, thus suitable for flexible operations in narrow spaces inside the roadway ramp;

2. High safety: According to the underground characteristics of humid air, insufficient light, slippery road surface, the vehicle lamps and electrical components are improved and the waterproof and moisture-proof performances are enhanced with the dedicated anti-slippery tires adopted, thus it has the strong obstacle crossing capability and high safety;

3. Strong power: The power is strong with the large torque and excellent grade and starting performances;

4. Strong bearing capacity: The complete vehicle is configured and designed scientifically according to the mining vehicle design concept with the bearing capacity as 1.5 times of that of the ordinary road vehicle.

Technical Parameters
Lifting ModeMiddle Dual Top Multi-section Oil CylinderMiddle Dual Top Multi-section Oil Cylinder
Standard Bucket Capacity (m³)
Drive Mode4*24*24*26*46*46*4
Curb Mass (t)
Rated Bearing Capacity (t)81015202024
Maximum Total Mass (t)14.518.524.531.53236
Overall Dimension (mm)5700*2200*23006500*2400*25506900*2480*25507500*2480*25507500*2480*25507700*2480*2600
Maximum Speed (km/h)466363636370
Maximum Gradeability (%)303030303030
Minimum Turing Radius (m)6.788.
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm)270260260260260300
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