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As China’s leading supplier of transport solutions and equipment in China, Shaanxi Tonly Heavy Industries is committed to providing customers quality products and excellent services through technological innovation, R&D and manufacturing and technical services. The company has established a set of effective technical service scheme and vehicle operation guarantee system, the customized “zero-distance” service.
West Mongolia, Ningxia

Service Provider: Yinchuan Tongxingda Machineries Co., Ltd.
Mailing Address: No. 112, Fengxiang Street, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan
Office Tel.:

      0951-3028369     0951-3882637 (Fax)          0952-2812762 (Shizuishan)         

      0473-4020636 (Wuhai), 0473-4021082 (Wuhai)


Service Provider: Qinghai Guangsheng Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: No. 37-71, Chaidamu Road, Xining City

Office Tel.: 0971-5222420, 5223403 (Fax)


Service Provider: Qinghai Lixin Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: Room 2-2, Building 1, No. 18, Kaiyuan Road, East Economic Development Zone, Xining City, Qinghai

Office Tel.: 0971-8189388


Service Provider: Xinjiang Maijisen Investment & Development Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: B-2405, Shiji Baisheng, No.3 Xinhua Nanlu, Urumqi City

Office Tel.: 0991-2300480


Service Provider: Chengdu Mingyi Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: No.C6-12 New Oriental Auto Parts City, Urumqi Economic Development Zone

Office Tel.: 0991-3777613       13808179703      18140811291


Service Provider: Yunnan Hengshiwei Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd.
Mailing Address: No.8-9, Group 9, Zone A, Dongju Auto Parts City, Xiaobanqiao Town, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan ProvinceOffice Tel.: 0871-67191200, 68416853 (Fax)

Zhejiang, Fujian

Service Provider: Shanghang Huanyue Automobile Parts Sales Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: No.2, Lane Jinwu, Jinxing Road, Linjinag Town, Shanghang County, Fujian Province

Office Tel.: 15159040132


Service Provider: Sichuan Siborui Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: No. 19, Wuqing North Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Office Tel.: 028-87480955        028-87481488


Service Provider:  Chengdu Mingyi Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: No. D1-13, Tianxu Auto part market, Xindu District, Chengdu

Office Tel.: 028-83053268      13808179703

Central Inner Mongolia, Northern Shaanxi

Service Provider: Xi’an Kuihai Automobile Service Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: 9-3-10, Sanqiao International Auto Parts City

Office Tel.: 13679249206

East Inner Mongolia

Service Provider: Xilinhot Huicheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: 50 Meters to the North of Intersection between the Xilin Street and Haihe Road, Xilinhot

Office Tel.: 15234088971


Service Provider: Sanhe Xinxinyuan Automobile Maintenance Plant

Mailing Address: West Road of 50 Meters to the North of Sanping Intersection, Houyankou Village, Huangtu Hamlet, Sanhe City, Hebei Province

Office Tel.: 0316-3182008, 3180010 (Fax)

Erdos, Inner Mongolia

Service Provider: Inner Mongolia Yurui Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mailing Address: North Side of 725km Position of National Highway 110, Sandaoshahe Village Entrance, Baiyinxile Office, Jiuyuan District, Baotou

Office Tel.: 0472-7915905 – 8003 (Fax)

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